If you now edit a post or a page of your main site or main blog, you will see an additional field below the editor:

  • This is where you enter the translated title and the translated text of the post.

    Tip: The editor will apply the original post to the field if you click Copy Source Post. That is particularly useful, because it will also apply any HTML elements like embedded images, lists, font and formatting, etc. from the original post. The only thing left for you is to translate the actual text and the meta data outside these HTML elements – but the target post will look exactly like the original.
    Any external translation provider you work with, will ideally also utilize the HTML from the editor of the source post. Simply copy/paste the result in the MultilingualPress field – finished.

  • Enabling the relevant check box will allow you to copy the post image of the source post. That will then also be applied to the translated version. However, the editor will overwrite existing post images if the target post exists already. Alternatively, you can specify a different post image (more about that in a minute) for the translated post, for example if text included in the image needs to be translated as well.
  • Change Taxonomies allows you to specify the target category of the translated post.
  • If you now update or publish the source post (via the standard box in WordPress “Publish” at the top left) to save your input, then the translation will not automatically “go live”. Instead, it will first be created as a draft in the English language site. Go to the dashboard of the EN site, and there go to Posts.
  • There you can view, edit (it will be synchronized with the translated content on the source site), and publish the translated post. Only then will it become visible for users, and the language selector will only then lead to the relevantly translated content.

Tip: This process allows a separate publication of your original posts and their translations, very handy if you don’t have translations available for all posts as yet. The following procedure has proven generally successful: You create the first translation in the original post, or copy/paste the entire source code (“Copy Source Post”); then you switch to the EN site, and complete the text there.

(Quelle: MultilingualPress PRO Setup)

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